Press Release: SaskIYS Call for Proposals

The John Howard Society of Saskatchewan, backbone agency for Saskatchewan Integrated Youth Services (IYS), is launching a call for proposals in search of community partners across the province to help with the development and operation of local IYS youth hubs, providing young people in the surrounding area with a significant increase in access to resources and coordinated support services.

IYS Youth Hubs will offer a range of core services and supports to youth, aged 12-25, and their caregivers, including:

  • · Mental health and substance use services.
  • · Primary care, sexual health and harm reduction services;
  • · Education, employment and training supports;
  • · Social and community services;
  • · Peer supports;
  • · Cultural and traditional services; and
  • · Other services as identified by community need.

The call for proposals is open to all communities throughout Saskatchewan. At least three lead agencies will be chosen to oversee and operate the youth hubs, with a goal of having one in a large urban centre, one in a medium urban centre and one in a rural or northern centre. Interested communities will need to identify a lead agency in their proposal. Each lead agency will be responsible for developing, implementing, and operating an IYS Youth Hub in partnership with community organizations and stakeholders.

The official press release issued by the Government of Saskatchewan can be viewed here:

Call For Proposals For Communities To Host Integrated Services For Youth