Webinar #1: Community Mapping and the Importance of Youth Engagement

On June 22nd  We were joined by Claire Tuckanow and Dr. Carolyn Melro to discuss what it means to map a community and how to engage youth in this process.

Claire (She/Her) joins us from Communities Building Youth Futures (CBYF) and has guided a thorough community mapping project to assess the accessibility of services for youth in the City of Regina. She is passionate about involving youth in the process and ensuring that they have the platform to speak to their needs.

Dr. Melro (She/Her) has recently completed her PhD with a research interest in Heath Services and Systems Policy. She has engaged in research implementing and evaluating tools to educate health professional learners and practitioners, among others, on the structural determinants of health, particularly the root causes (i.e., historical and on-going colonialism) and how these effect Indigenous peoples, including youth accessing healthcare and support.


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